100 million users
Partner with the apps that users know and trust for business cards scanning and management. No surprise to see your customers get interested and excited immediately and usually the app sells itself.
Millions of Businesses
CamCard is not only for personal productivity, but more importantly, millions of businesses are benefited from CamCard Business, which is to centralize all the business cards among all employees and always keep it secured as company asset. 
End-to-end Reseller Support
We offer reseller partners with end-to-end technical and sales support to make partners ready for pre-sale enquiries and post-sale support, and ultimately grow your business with a new recurring revenue stream.
Resellers will get
Resellers will get sales, marketing, and deployment training, for both technical and non-technical roles. Our apps are very user-friendly and easy to start.
Resellers will get an official INTSIG Apps Authorized Reseller badge for use in sales and marketing materials or enlisted in our website.
Resellers themselves will get a bunch of free promo codes for using CamCard and a big discount for using CamCard / CamCard Business.
Channel Support
Resellers will get support and assistance on everything from on-boarding to resolving customer issues.
We expect Resellers
Be an OCR savvy
Your customers may know about OCR and cloud, but they might not know how OCR can help with their businesses in such a smart way. Please get ready to wow them with our cutting edge technology and become our customers.
Get qualified leads
Resellers will be responsible for lead generation and outreach activities, which are based on your expertise and hard-earned relationships. The most important step is to leverage your local networks and expanding existing relationships, or to find CamCard users around you as a seed to transform into a successful practice.
Provide post-sale support
To get your customer go onboard and actually use every day is the core work of resellers. With our support, please make sure your customer will be deployed, migrated, trained and answered in every inquiry and fully supported constantly.
Manage billing and packaging
Resellers will be responsible for the billings with their customers. As CamCard is working perfectly with leading CRM solutions, Marketing Automation apps and others, we are very flexible to any packaging or bundle sales with other apps and solutions.